Warwickshire Cricket League – Fixtures and Umpire Appointments for Saturday 13th May 2017

Premier Division

Barby v Aston Manor (P Romyn & B Vaughan) Bedworth v Studley (P Savage & G Bowen) Coleshill v Standard (R Knight & I Khan) Highway Spartans v Hampton & Solihull (C Jennings & N Sharma) Olton & West Warwicks v Bablake Old Boys (A Rasul & E Boileau) Rugby v Solihull Municipal (A Hough & T Hough)

Division One

Ambleside v Bronze (R Watkin & M Wilson) Earlswood v Fillongley ( D Fletcher & L Gibson) Four Oaks Saints v Weoley Hill (M Waters & R Smith) Moseley Ashfield v Kings Heath (H Hayman & D McMahon) Pak Shaheen v Solihull Blossomfield (J McCarthy & H Hope) Watewr Orton v Kenilworth ( A Butt & C Bennett)

Division Two

Aston v Wolvey (T Brown & M Patel) Dunlop v Leamington Khalsa (J Bates & P Beagley) Hunningham v Nether Whitacre (F Greenway & C Hughes) Old Edwardians v Corley (J Cartwright & R Fox) Pickwick v Knowle Village ( A Tutchener & A Bray) RMCC v Sheldon Marlborough ( K Edgar & S Scattergood)

Division Three

Aston Unity v Castle Bromwich (L Martin) Knowle & Dorridge v Rugby (M Rawbone) Marston Green v Bedworth (D Bevis & S Smith-Walker) Walmley v Atherstone ( A Wade & P Newell) Wishaw v Olton & West Warwicks (R Wilson). Vacant Date: Lyndworth

Division Four

Aston Manor v Pickwick (Z Mughal) Bablake Old Boys v Water Orton ( R Heath & T Rowe) Bournville v Old Edwardians (S Verma) Collycroft v Warwick University (N Garland & R Noon) Oakfield v Rowland United (J Home & H Rowles) Southam v Star Alvis ( P Liggins)

Division Five

Attock v Ward End Unity  Bulkington v Highway Spartans ( M Chappell & S Bazeley) Kings Heath v Peugeot  Moseley v Pak Shaheen  Sheldon Marlborough v Warwick (F Lewis). Vacant Date: Massey Ferguson

Division Six

Bronze v Wilnecote  Continental Star v Knowle & Dorridge  Copeswood WIW v Thimblemill (L Jackson & D Desai) Corley v Four Oaks Saints  Lyndworth v Earlswood  Standard v Aston

Division Seven

Aston Manor v Coleshill (M Rose)  Attleborough v Barby  Kenilworth v Dunlop  Solihull Municipal v Moseley Ashfield  Studley v Bridge Trust O B  Weoley Hill v Griff & Coton

Division Eight – East

Ansley Sports v RMCC  Fillongley v Berkswell  Leamington Khalsa v Stockingford  Nuneaton v Ambleside  Star Alvis v Birmingham Avengers

Division Eight – West

Castle Bromwich v Aston Unity  Hampton & Solihull v Bournville  Knowle Village v Walmley  Olton & West Warwicks v Wishaw  Solihull Blossomfield v Old Edwardians

Division Nine – East

Atherstone v Oakfield  Bedworth v Copeswood WIW  Nether Whitacre v Hunningham  Warwick v Rugby  Wolvey v Nuneaton

Division Nine – West

Bridge Trust O B v Kings Heath  Four Oaks Saints v Moseley  Shenley Fields v Continental Star  Solihull Blossomfield v Handsworth . Vacant Date: Olton & West Warwicks

Division Ten – East

Alvis v Standard  Castle Bromwich v Collycroft  Highway Spartans v Wishaw  Newdigate v Massey Ferguson  Peugeot v Bablake Old Boys

Division Ten – West

Four Oaks Saints v Knowle Village  Lyndworth v Shenley Fields  Selly Park v Solihull Municipal  Ward End Unity v Attock  Weoley Hill v Sutton Coldfield

Division Eleven – East

Ambleside v Fillongley  Coleshill v Corley  Griff & Coton v Bulkington  Pak Shaheen v Bedworth  Standard v Newbold

Division Eleven – West

Bronze v Walmley  Hampton & Solihull v Marston Green  Pickwick v Moseley Ashfield  Sheldon Marlborough v Smethwick  Thimblemill v Aston

Division Twelve – East

Dunlop v Willow  Nuneaton v Newdigate  Oakfield v Highway Spartans  Wilnecote v Atherstone

Division Twelve – West

Aston Unity v Water Orton  Olton & West Warwicks v Four Oaks Saints  Solihull Blossomfield v Streetly  Sutton Coldfield v Studley


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