Delia@80 Starts On Friday


Delia@80 sponsored Big Lottery #Big Celebration
Three Days Of Events
“Delia@80” is a three day event, at Coventry’s Music Museum, celebrating what would have been the 80th Birthday of this Coventry-born electronic music pioneer.

It all begins on 5th May (Delia’s actual Birthday) at 10.00am with the children of Grangehurst Primary School, who will create their own electronic piece as a tribute to Delia, using synthesiser and Theremin. They will also design a cover to go with it.
The afternoon 1.00pm to 3.00pm, is taken up with a Sounding Off interview with the legendary Dick Mills, a man who worked with Delia at The BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

On Saturday 6th May at 11.00am, we welcome Rugby’s very own Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember, famed as a member of the band Spacemen 3 and Spectrum. He was fortunate to work with Delia towards the end of her career.
Pete is followed at 12.30 to 1.30, by UK-based producer and musician, Morocco Dave creating his tribute to Delia with his brand of Electronica, Dance and Ambient sounds. From 2.30 to 3.30, we introduce, musician Andi Wolfe, who will talk about his experience of living at Delia Derbyshire’s Coventry home, and how it felt to find a mysterious box in the attic.

Pete Chambers along with Councillors Linda Bigham and Gary Ridley and The Coventry Music Museum recently campaigned to get a road named after Delia in the city, on Monday 8th a low-key road naming ceremony will take place. At the same time a free pamphlet that ties in with the “City Of Culture Bid 2021”, that highlights Coventry’s most important Delia Derbyshire landmarks is launched, entitled “The Delian Way”.

Event organizer Pete Chambers BEM said, “This is a true celebration, and we are proud to be sponsored by The Big Lottery #Big Celebration, as a Music Museum in Coventry, it was a no brainer that we would do something special to celebrate a lady we affectionately call Dame Delia. We have had a permanent display dedicated to her for over a year at the museum. So it feels perfectly natural to put on these great events that include the legendary Dick Mills and rocks own Sonic Boom. As we head for The City of Culture bid it’s time to declare “Delia Belongs to Coventry”.”
Entry to the museum for one event is £3 adults, £1 Children and £2 concession (NUS, Senior Citizens and Passport to Leisure.) Or for a full day of events a special price of £5 adults, £1 children and £3 concession.



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