Coventry Sphinx Lose To Nine Men Highgate

Coventry Sphinx were beaten 341 at Highgate United in their final MFL Premier Division fixture of the season.

Sphimx  backed by a strong support, took the lead in the eighth minute when Liam Cairns started and finished a move by firing into the net.

In a game poorly refereed by Charles Dickens,  Highgate were level in the 20th minute when Lei Brown looped a shot over Scott Dutton.

More poor decisions followed including a 42nd minute when a free kick was awarded to Highgate and Orrin Pendley used his height to bundle home a header.

Darren Eggleton made a great block off the line in the 48th minute against a Highgate side which were down to ten men when Richard Byran was red carded.

However, Scott Turner headed home a third in the 69th minute

Three minutes later and Highgate were down nine men when Reece Blackmore was fouled by Josh Hawker who was shown a red card for a tackle which was a yellow card.

Blackmore, who had run for everything and been kicked all over the place had to be replaced in a game where the final ball from Sphinx was lacking far too often.

Into stoppage time and Romario Martin got through to send Sphinx to a 4-1 defeat.









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