Coventry Bees Lose At Poole

Coventry Bees Speedway team were beaten at Poole Pirates tonight in a Challenge Match.

The Bees race Chris Harris along with Danny King, Stefan Nielsen, Jason Garrity, Lasse Bjerre, James Sarjeant, Josh Bates at Wimbourne Road and had Danny King win the opening heat which finished in a 3-3.

Poole took a 4-2 win in the second heat and after three 3-3’s Poole had another 4-2.

Jason Garrity won in a 4-2 and following a re-run heat eight which ended in a 3-3, Brady Kurtz took his third win of the evening in a 4-2.

Heat ten finished in a 3-3 with Poole then taking two 4-2 wins, to lead by eight points.

A 3-3 was followed by Brady Kurtz picking up a maximum in a 5-1 win and a 4-2 win for Poole as the Bees went down 38-52.


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