Coventry Blaze Lose On Penalty Shots At Nottingham

Coventry Blaze were beaten on penalty shots after a 5-5 draw at Nottingham Panthers on Sunday night.

Schultz fired Nottingham ahead on 5.48 before Jordan Pietrus levelled 53 seconds into the second period.

On 21.59, Ben Davies scored to get the Blaze in front but Lee equalised on 25.52, only for Marcquardt to score Coventry’s third on 26.35 and Syner to hit the fourth on 32.38 with a third goal for Nottingham by Sertich on 38.18.

The third period saw Brett Robinson scored for the Blaze ten seconds in but goals from Lawrence (42.35) and Brown (51.34) took the game into over-time.

That failed to produce a goal and so it was penalty shots. Syner went first and missed. Schultz scored, Almedia missed as did Carter. Marquardt and Nikiforuk both scored but Nottingham took the win.