Articles In Sound – A Great Christmas Present

The History of Coventry and Warwickshire in 50 Objects Funded by A Heritage Lottery Fund, £36,000 grant An extensive study of Coventry & Warwickshire music. Never before has the story been told in such detail. Across five media:

Articles in Sound, is a year-long project, lead by Coventry Music Historian Pete Chambers BEM and created by volunteers/friends and visitors at the Coventry Music

Museum, funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund. Coventry and Warwickshire has produced, and continues to produce, a stunning tapestry of music, ranging from The Coventry Carol to the Enemy. Local music can become national music and often international music, but sometimes it stays right in the city where it was invented.

With this very important project, we look at fifty items that helped change the face of our local music scene key figures who put the city on the music map. Some may have sparked an audio revolution, like 2-Tone Records.  Others like Johnny B Great and the Goodmen, may not be household names, but by releasing the first record by a Coventry band, they booked their place in history, and helped other artists and musicians to follow suit.

This project is cross-reference for anyone who wants to know more about the city that gave the world Frank Ifield, The Specials and Pete Waterman. It’s never just about the objects, it’s about the history and musical memories they evoke. In this book we present our musical key notes in timeline order, but it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s about “YOU”, and how you dip into the information in here.

The Coventry music universe is an interesting one, yes, there are bigger music cities, like Manchester, Sheffield, London, Liverpool and nearby Birmingham. Yet none of these great cities have a music museum to showcase their effect on the world of music. Uniquely Coventry does, and because of it, this Midlands city (and surrounding Warwickshire) has a music scene that is less a random collection of musicians and artists and venues, but much more a tangible visual narrative. A story of  celebrated objects, that all allow the viewer a chance to relate and understand the importance of each one. Hundreds of photos, hours of exclusive interviews with key figures and other material collected by the team offer unique & hitherto unseen insights into key moments, figures, music and places: never before has this story been told in such detail.

Book and app a Synergy

Throughout the book, there are references to locations in and around Coventry and Warwickshire, The idea is to use the book and App as one.

The fifty items gathered together in this book are by no way definitive, the idea is that you come up with fifty of your own, and while we hope many of our choices would be present, we would hope that they were not the same. That’s why with this project we

actively encourage peoples suggestions. Maybe you feel that Coventry Theatre should be included, and not Grindcore, this is our fifty, we want to know yours. Access our website at


Nigel Meffen and his team of volunteers has produced the film for the Articles In Sound  project.  Running at a fascinating three hours long, is the first time the history of Coventry and Warwickshire music has ever been captured on like this. From The Coventry Carol to The Godiva Festival, this is the most exhaustive look at the music that made our city,ever.  Movers and shakers of the scene interviewed in the film include Neol Davies, Pauline Black, Gapps, Horace Panter, Paul King, Tony Wall, Jim Lantsbury, Hazel O’Connor, Paul Sampson, Panjabi MC, Taz Singh, Roger Lomas, Steve & Heather Taylor, Dill, Martin Bowes, Ray King, Tom Long, , Roger Bailey, Frank Ifield, Nigel Fletcher and Clive Blackburn, and many more.



Beyond this book, we are delighted to inform you that ARTICLES IN SOUND, is also available for FREE as a dual-platform App, that gives the user the ability to tour key locations in Coventry & Warwickshire.  It will be available to download for free at the

App Store for Apple users and from Google Playstore for Android users.



We also have a standalone website, where you can add your own 50 objects, and generally interact with the project, it can be found here. Where you can see the in-depth film of the project, that was made headed up by Nigel Meffen.


There is also a mural located at the 2-Tone Village entrance, depicting some of the objects.



Last, but by no means least, many of the actual 50 objects are located at The Coventry Music Museum, where there is an Articles In Sound display and also a database.